About us


The Permits Management Office (OGPe) is in charge of issuing final determinations, licenses, inspections,
certifications and any other authorization or procedure that is necessary to attend the requests of the citizenship.

It was born through Law 161 of December 1, 2009 called “Law for the Reform of the Permits Process of
Puerto Rico ”, as a response to the need to establish the legal and administrative framework that will govern the request,
evaluation, granting and denial of permits in Puerto Rico.

As an integrated unit within the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), we facilitate and
We promote the integral, economic, social and physical sustainable development of Puerto Rico. The OGPe encourages
growth of better and diverse industries throughout the island, which contributes to the creation of more opportunities for
employment in the private sector.
Our vision is to provide trust to citizens with integrity, agility and professionalism with which they are processed
requests for permits and recommendations from the agencies concerned, offering the greatest amount of
services in one place.