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To be competitive it is necessary that our Island has an agile and practical permit system, always in
compliance with current laws and regulations. With the Unique Permit, you can start the operation of your business
from one place.
This permit simplifies procedures and reduces the time of evaluation and adjudication of applications.
necessary to start or continue your business. Any business (new or existing) or building (new or existing, with uses
non-residential), you will obtain the Unique Permit, which will include:



  • Use Permit

  • Certification of categorical exclusion

  • Certification for fire prevention

  • Sanitary license

  • Any other type of license or authorization applicable *

* required for the operation of the activity or business use according to regulations

Streamlining the process is good for all of us!

In Puerto Rico we deserve a process of excellence that benefits us without exception.
Obtaining your permits and licenses in an expeditious manner reduces the costs of your operations, facilitates your procedures and
save time. Your business deserves profitability.