What do we do?

The Permit Management Office (OGPe) of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, was transformed
from the implementation, in its entirety, of the Permits Reform.
It was created to provide greater transparency in the application process of the multiple products that this
dependence processes, and facilitate the development, use of land and business operation in Puerto Rico.

To consolidate our competitiveness, the OGPe has a simple, practical and agile system that facilitates any
Permits always in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. Our portfolio of services
offers the public the process for the following products

  • Single Permit: consolidates and incorporates procedures in a single application, to simplify procedures and reduce
    the time of evaluation and adjudication of the requests required to start or continue the operation of a business.
  • Licenses and Certifications: for the operation of a business only a Single Permit is required that
    contains all approved uses for that establishment. Thanks to this you can also purchase the licenses and certifications incorporated automatically.
  • Consolidated Construction Permit: this permit consolidates the activities of construction, remodeling, demolition and urbanization works, and is granted when the request is processed by an architect or engineer licensed professional in Puerto Rico.
  • Unique Incidental Operational Permit: consolidates cutting and pruning authorization activities, permit
    consolidated general, incidental activity and incidental activity for other works. This type of permission could be
    necessary when a work already has a construction permit.